More than a century experience in steel hot forging

In 1911 our great grandfather Antonio Casartelli worked in the family business, specialized in small forging parts and surgical instruments for the Italian market.


In 1928 Casartelli Antonio was founded in Galbiate, its current location, with subsequent additions and expansions of the production plant over the years.


Beginning with the years immediately after World War II, every decade in Casartelli Antonio’s history has been characterized by important changes. In the Fifties, Casartelli Antonio left the medical field and became a supplier of Italian manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles. These were the years of economic boom and the “Italian miracle”: the growing production required ability to adapt to changing customer demands as well as more space. Our prior experience and know-how of the manufacturing process allowed us to react quickly to market needs, while also investing in new buildings and equipment.


In the Sixties, the introduction of first mechanical presses resulted in further improvement and diversification of the production capacity. The Seventies marked an important step in the growth of the company, with our first steps in foreign markets.





Since then, Casartelli Antonio has continued to grow: while production in the 1970s-1980s focused on automobiles, starting in 1980s-1990s the introduction of more powerful presses allowed us to manufacture parts for construction equipment, industrial and agricultural vehicles.


In the Nineties, machining processes were further developed, and heat and finishing treatments were optimized, enabling us to meet the customers’ needs for a verticalized production process.


In 2001, a new production area exclusively dedicated to parts for heavy truck sector was built; at the same time, the plant continued to expand, in order to accommodate larger and more powerful presses.


Today, as the fourth generation, we look to the future with the same enthusiasm and vision that have characterized the Casartelli family for more than hundred years, along with new managing skills and expertise that we have heavily invested on and developed in the last decade.