Over 20.000 tons of steel processed every year

In its 40,000 square meters facility, including 20,000 covered square meters, with 15 forging lines, 17 machining lines and 30 robots, each year Casartelli Antonio processes more than 20,000 tons of steel, using presses as large as 6,000 tons with tools that are manufactured on site.


The main sectors served are automotive (i.e. heavy and light industrial vehicles and passenger cars), agricultural machinery and construction equipment, with a range of manufactured products up to 100 kilograms.


Over the years, we have expanded beyond hot forging, which was at the origin of our business, to include machining, heat and finishing treatments that allow for a verticalized production process and improve our ability to meet customers’ needs.


Casartelli Antonio’s performance hinges on a solid and transparent internal organization, with a well-defined organizational structure, and clear communication across departments, enabling us to fulfill our customers’ needs for increasingly complex and high-performance products.